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Focus more on academics less on fancy buildings: CBSE to schools

PTI | New Delhi |


Choosing the best school for children are going to be lot easier an exercise for parents as the government is planning to grade them for quality.

After issuing a ranking for universities and colleges, the government is likely to come up with an official quality index for CBSE schools too.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which has over 18,000 schools in the country and more than 250 abroad, is mulling to grade schools.

Official sources said the grading exercise will put an enhanced focus on academic output and less on fancy infrastructure.

“A plan is being considered,” CBSE Chairman RK Chaturvedi said on the sidelines of an event.

He said, “We will accredit schools and the focus will be more on academic quality than on infrastructure.”

This is likely to put a check on “false claims” and “unfair promises” by schools.

“Schools come up with fancy buildings, charge a large sum of money, make unfair promises and false claims but how will parents know the truth unless they have enrolled their children in any particular school,” a senior HRD Ministry official wondered.

The Board had last month directed schools not to indulge in any commercial activity and barred them from selling books and uniform on their premises.

The plan to grade schools was also considered by the previous government and the Board had conducted a wide consultations in 2013.