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Exam blues

Jitomanyu Datta |

Examinations are near ~ this statement is enough to instill fear in the minds of almost every student, and also bring lines of worry on parents’ foreheads. ‘Time to sit down and really study’, echoes the brain. The heart thinks otherwise as laziness creeps in and ‘procrastination’ makes itself home. ‘There’s still time’, the heart always suggests.

The exam fever has commenced. Fear seems a reality now as we scramble for preparations. Books are now stuck firmly to hands and eyes glued all the time and distractions are inevitable. We resolve to achieve high grades in certain subjects and above all, at least pass.

Strangely, all that we miss doing or watching makes its appearance felt profoundly exactly during this pressure, tempting us to leave our books aside for a moment and get enlightened in its glorified presence. 

But, sadly this ‘distraction’ certainly goes on endlessly, and our minds urge us to snap back from reality and go back to our books. The pressure we face during our preparation time is unanimously huge as nervousness rules our mind and anxiety follows close. It is prominent that in our examinations, one silly mistake can drastically affect our grades, and this fear itself leads to more than one of these mistakes. And above all, the pressure of meeting up with the parents’ expectations rises above all.

Resolutions are what we make every year, with a promise to follow them too. The same is with the resolution of giving our best. This goal seemingly is somewhat difficult if not impossible as complete dedication and determination are the requirements. Days are suddenly numbered and the nervousness and anxiety rise with each passing day. Time which was usually known to be fleeting suddenly comes to a standstill just before exams.

The days seem to be a drag, with our minds full to the brim with knowledge yet slumbering with memory. Fear seems to invade the brain, making us tremble, and that familiar uneasy feeling in our stomach originates.

Staying up almost the entire night is a regime, if you consider. Time seems to be in a hurry, rushing through hours like they were minutes and seconds seem to catch the inbound train for ‘Rush’. Sleep, seems to take a break and plans a trip to ‘Deprivation’. All efforts come finally to the day of the exams.  Sweat rolls down the face, the same worry-lines that prance about on our parents’ foreheads, form on ours too. Hands tremble, the uneasy feeling in our stomach grows slowly. Anxiety is almost bursting out, and fear tries to make a permanent settlement in our mind. The question paper in our hands seems to be the endgame. The bell rings, and with a deep breath we recall our memory and set forward to give our best. 

Coordinator, Class IX, Don Bosco School, Park Circus