Satyayoddha Kalki: Eye of Brahma, by author Kevin Missal has been launched by Ashwin Sanghi. The event, that began with the launch of the book was followed by an interesting discussion between Ashwin Sanghi and Kevin Missal.

Kevin Missal, a twenty-two-year-old graduate of St. Stephen’s College released the first book of the Kali Trilogy, Dharmayoddha Kalki: Avatar of Vishnu, in 2017.

The second part of this trilogy continues the story of Kalki Hari, the last incarnation of Vishnu. He is on his way to the Mahendragiri Mountains to learn the ways of an avatar. However, here he will be embroiled in a death match, where he is fighting to stay alive.

Meantime, Kalki’s nemesis Kali journeys to uncover long-buried truths about his past and his race’s history, unaware that Manasa is coming to get him.

The book is being published by Fingerprint!. Fingerprint! is owned by Prakash Books and was launched in January 2012. Their main aim was to publish commercial fiction and non-fiction that is priced affordably, packaged interestingly, and distributed as widely as possible, both as physical books and eBooks.

Their recent releases include Sriram Karri’s ‘An Autobiography of a Mad Nation’, Ratna Vira’s book ‘Daughter By Court Order’, Ma Anand Sheela’s memoir ‘Don’t Kill Him!’, film critic Mayank Shekhar’s ‘Name Place Animal Thing’ and author Shubha Vilas’s Open-Eyed Meditation.