After the success of Aryavir, author Anita Shirodkar has launched her much awaited fictional novel, Sitanshu. The book is the second part of her mythological trilogy, Guardians of the Blue Lotus, and picks up the plot from where Aryavir ended.

Actors Roshan Abbas and Amrita Puri were present at the book launch, and they enthusiastically engaged Anita in a conversation about the mythological universe she seeks to bring to life with her writing.

When asked how she manages to keep up with the expansive universe, and the complexity of the plot, Anita explained the methods she uses to direct her ideas in a productive manner so that the storyline stays on track.

The trilogy explores the mystical kingdom of Kamalkund, set in ancient India, whose heir is Aryavir. The blue-eyed prince is blessed by Indivara, a sacred blue lotus.

Aryavir’s journey was explored in the first book in which he, along with his beloved tiger Kar and friend Sitanshu, faced the challenges that life threw his way. In the novel, the plot widens against the backdrop of a war between Kamalkund and Kalipura.

Sitanshu is a newly minted warrior and is about to discover the path to his own destiny.

Explaining why the second novel is named after Sitanshu, Anita said, “This book not only unravels the mysteries which were established in the first book but also gives a glimpse into where we are heading for final culmination of the series. Sitanshu is becoming a major part of that storyline.”

The fascinating world created by the author also explores the characters’ inner journey of self-discovery, as their experiences shape the decisions they take. The book is written in a contemporary style.