The finale is around the corner and the housemates are gearing up to win the Bigg Boss 12. Today’s episode was a proof that the contestants have moved on from making any relationship and started focusing on just winning.

Let’s see what happened today:

Sreesanth irks Dipika

Sreesantha and Dipika, who have a great rapport with each other, get into an ugly fight. The former cricketer taunts the actress saying she is the channel’s favorite while talking about votes. Dipika gets offended by the statement and counters Sreesanth. Both of them get into an argument, and Dipika says she has worked hard to reach at this position. She later refuses to even talk to Sreesanth.

Ticket to finale

As the finale is inching closer, Bigg Boss gives an opportunity to the contestants to choose who they want to see in the final day. In the ticket to finale task, each time two contestants have to dress up as fighters and save a burning picture of one of the fellow contestant.

Surbhi loses her calm

Surbhi becomes the first contestant whose picture gets burned. After this, she accusses Somi of playing for Romil as a puppet. Romil and Deepak discuss Surbhi and call her a selfish person.

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