Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with the housemates waking up to “Chaiyya Chaiyya.” Some of the housemates were still found sleeping because of which Bigg Boss plays “Kuckroo Koo.” Himanshi, Rashami and others say that they won’t wake up as they haven’t got tea. “Kuckroo Koo” plays again after some time and all the housemates have a discussion about the same. Later on, Shehnaaz taunts Vishal which leads to an ugly spat between the two of them.

Mahira and Arti say that Vishal and Rashami have no regret about what they did. Sidharth and Arhaan also have an argument about the same. Shefali Bagga asks Rashami whether the tea is that important to them. Rashami says that she has 7- 8 cups of tea in a day. Shefali then says that they aren’t hungry and are still having food. Himanshi also provides her own point of view.

Bigg Boss empathizes with the housemates for not getting ration but also reminds them how Rashami and Vishal stole the luxury budget items deliberately. They are also reminded how the winning team did not return back the luxury items. Bigg Boss then announces the captaincy task and asks them to name two housemates who will not be allowed to fight for captaincy. This way they will be getting the ration. Vishal takes his own name and Rashami’s name thereby accepting his fault. Mahira and Paras also name Vishal and Rashami.

Shefali Bagga takes Vishal and Sidharth’s name which infuriates the latter. Post that, one by one all the housemates take names according to their own convenience. Sidharth and Vishal get the most number of votes. Sidharth, however, does not agree to this and walks away. Bigg Boss asks Paras about the housemates’ decision post which he gives Sidharth and Vishal’s name. Himanshi, Shefali Jariwala, Rashami and Asim have a discussion about the same.

After some time, the buzzer rings and the housemates finally get their ration items. Later on, Paras reads out the instructions of the ‘BB junction’ task. The housemates have to snatch others’ items post which they have to get inside the train. The last to enter or come out of the train will be out of captaincy candidature. Paras isn’t allowed to take part in the task because of his injury and Sidharth is asked to play on his behalf.

All the housemates start strategising about the same thereafter. The task begins and the housemates start snatching each other’s bags. This leads to an ugly spat between Sidharth and Asim. Sidharth also pushes Asim post which the latter complaints about the same on camera. Later on, Sidharth keeps on taunting Asim but Arhaan and Rashami take the latter’s side. The housemates then get inside the train post which Paras declares that Arhaan is the last to enter the train. Bigg Boss reminds them that only one person should remain on the platform whereas three of them are standing there.

Bigg Boss tells Asim, Shehnaaz and Sidharth that they will be out of the task if two of them do not get inside the train and follow the rules. Shehnaaz gets inside the train thereafter. Paras (played for by Sidharth) and Asim are considered out of the task. Sidharth and Asim’s fight continues and the two of them call each other names.

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