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Some state party leaders lack vision: Bengal BJP chief

IANS | Kolkata |

West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Wednesday slammed a section of the state party leadership for lack of farsightedness and said he has identified those who have been conspiring against him during his illness.

“Some of our leaders cannot think out of the box. Their thinking is limited within a fixed boundary. This is the reason for such an environment within the party. I think there is a lack of vision among the BJP leaders of West Bengal. That is the reason of such problems,” he alleged.

“Yes, some of them have been conspiring. We have identified them. There is a saying that when the lion is asleep, the foxes roam in the forest. The same has become true for BJP in this state,” he said referring to his brief absence from the political arena due to illness.

Ghosh who is suffering from sciatica, had to be admitted to hospital for a few days earlier this month. He was released last Sunday.

According to party sources, leaders of BJP’s state unit informed the central leadership that Ghsoh would not be able to take active part in politics for at least six months and urged them to nominate someone to lead the party during his absence.

However Ghosh claimed that the central leadership did not pay any heed to such misinformation as they are well aware of his illness.

“None of the central leaders have asked me anything about this because they are well aware of my condition. They have gone through my medical report as well. So there is no confusion among the central leadership,” he added.