Several areas in a total of five wards under the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) continue to remain waterlogged while residents in Behala had to resort to boats since the agency that was assigned the work of dredging of the Churial canal in Behala, declared insolvency, leading to canal water overflowing and flooding the surrounding areas.

The heavy bout of rain that lashed the city on 16 and 17 August had flooded several parts of the city, leaving the citizens at great inconvenience. Many citizens were left marooned at different points in the city, enroute to their destinations while others were stuck at home. The KMC workers were seen grappling with equipment trying to drain out water in several areas like Lake Gardens and Jodhpur park. However, even after the rains subsided, water continue to remain in at least five wards of the KMC that covers a considerably large area of the city.

According to information shared by Kolkata Police and the KMC, several areas in ward no. 111 in Borough XI that includes Sardar Park By-lane, Rabindra Pally,Vivekananda Pally,Sonali Park, and Niranjan Pally are still waterlogged. Ananda Pally, Natun Pally and Sarodamoyee lane In ward 114, BPK Cooperative by-lane in ward 109 in Borough XII, and several areas in ward 122 under Borough XIII such as East Park,Surya Sen Pally and Rabindra Abasan, and in ward 127 under Borough XIV, areas like Jaysree Park, Rai Dighi, and a few others still have water in the streets.

Meanwhile, water from the Churial canal in Behala overflowed and inundated surrounding areas. Residents in areas of Satyajit Park, Ramkrishnagar and several others, had to opt for makeshift boats to move about. Most residents said that the canal need immediate dredging works but that is not happening while some digging work is being carried out that has further led to the water flood the streets.

It was learnt from KMC sources, that an agency named Tantia Constructions Limited was assigned the work for the canal but the agency has declared insolvency. The website of the agency has put up a public announcement notice, stating: “Insolvency commencement date in respect of corporate debtor, 13 March 2019.” It is further mentioned “Notice hereby given that the National Company Law Tribunal, Kolkata bench, has ordered the commencement of a corporate insolvency resolution process (CIRP) in respect of Tantia Constructions Limited on 15 March, 2019( copy of the order was communicated to the undersigned on 15 March 2019).”

The mayor, Firhad Hakim, however, put the blame for the condition of the canal on encroachment. “The water in the canal is not finding an outlet since the pipeline has become choked due to encroachments in the area surrounding it. Settlements have come up near the canal. However, the work will soon be taken up and will be completed in the next two to three years, solving all waterlogging problems in the area.”