In a bid to cut down on expenditure, that is reportedly exceeding the amount of earned revenues, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has formed committees that will explore possibilities towards cost cutting and submit a report in a month. Restrictions will be imposed on engagement of contractual/ casual workers and hired cars while overtime and holiday allowances will be checked.

It is learnt from KMC sources that the civic body has issued a circular stating that a seven member committee has been formed after it was observed that monthly overtime/ holiday allowance cost is becoming substantial. The KMC found it “necessary to review the pattern of such allowances and also rationalise the matter in the interest of effective utilisation of KMC’s revenue fund.”

The committee will examine the proposals concerning the mentioned allowances before the proposal is placed by any departments for the municipal commissioner’s approval. It was further decided that before forwarding such overtime/ holiday allowance bill, the matter will again be referred to the committee by the controlling officers of the respective departments for concurrence before releasing the payment.

The committee comprises seven members which include special municipal commissioner (G&D), municipal secretary, chief municipal finance and auditor (CMF&A), CMA, director generals of solid waste management department and of water supply and CM (SR&AC). The committee has to submit its report within 15 December. Additionally, the KMC authorities have also decided to reduce the burden on the KMC’s exchequer by imposing restrictions on engagement of hired cars, contractual casual workers.

A committee comprising the KMC members mentioned above, will review the engagement of hired cars and engagement of contractual/casual workers. It may be noted that Congress councillor Prakash Upadyay has time and again brought up the issue of revenue deficit, claiming that the KMC must take strict measures towards collecting its due taxes from the tax defaulters. KMC sources further stated that the civic body is also taking strict measures towards collecting amusement tax since there is a large amount of amusement tax due from many private players.