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BJP has created a country of harmads and henchmen: Kakoli

Saffron party creates strife wherever it goes, now trying to spread it to Bengal: Barasat MP

Statesman News Service | Kolkata |

Barasat MP Dr Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar today lashed out at the Centre, stating that “it is of grave disservice to our country if a political leader spreads lies with a motivation to create strife.”

“The BJP has made the country a haven for ‘Harmad’ forces as is evident from the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh,” she stated.

“Women are safest in Bengal,” said Dr Ghosh Dastidar, MP and member of the Lok Sabha’s Standing Committee on Home Affairs for ten years. “But they have engaged some people… to post on Facebook saying there is no security for women in Bengal,” she said..

The law and order system of Bengal is more than adequate to deal with miscreants severely, she stated. She said in Kolkata alone there are eight police stations for women and in the state 48 out of 65 women police stations had already been set up.

She said these police stations are set up to exclusively tackle crimes against women including dowry and domestic violence cases, abduction and sexual offences.

She said every city police stations has at least three female police personnel including two constables and a sub-inspector.

Dr Ghosh Dastidar stated that the National Crime Records Bureau report for 2019 found Kolkata to be the ‘safest’ among 19 cities. She said West Bengal also has child-friendly police stations and 88 fast track courts including 45 courts for women and 19 human rights court.

She stated that BJP claims about votes are far from truth.

She said in 2015, then BJP president Amit Shah had said BJP will win the Assembly election in Bihar but ended up winning just 53 of 243 seats. He claimed the party would form a government in Delhi in 2015 but won 3 of 70 seats. Mr Shah projected full majority in Rajasthan in 2018 but won 73 of 199 sests. In Madhya Pradesh he claimed to win twothird seats but won less than half and in Chhattisgarh in 2018, won only 16 seats out of 65.

She said Mr Shah claimed full majority in Jharkhand but only won 29 out of 81 seats whereas in Maharashtra the party got than one-third seats. In 2020 Delhi Assembly election, the BJP won only 8 of 70 seats.

She said a programme like ‘Duare Sarkar’ has not been seen in any state in India and possibly not elsewhere in the world. Ninety-nine per cent of work has been completed but BJP miscreants will claim that no work is done.

She said the ‘Duare Sarkar’ outreach programme has reached more than one and a half crore people.

The chief minister has announced a tiffin allowance of Rs 5,000 every two months for the government workers and volunteers involved in the camp. The government has released Rs. 8700 crore for this.

Mamata Banerjee has demanded the Indian government to repeal the three agricultural laws immediately, Dr Ghosh Dastidar stated. She also stated that the BJP has launched an attack against Rabindranath. “They are sitting in Rabindranath’s chair. Even the iconic Ghonta Tala’ at Viswa Bharati was razed at the behest of outsiders. Now the BJP has started attacking Nobel laureate Amartya Sen because he is raising the issue of a sordid state of affairs in the country. Their leaders have come from Delhi and are disrespecting Bengal through their words and deeds. Bengal will not accept this,” she said.

“We strongly condemn the oppression of farmers and common people. They (the BJP) spread strife wherever they go. Now this group of miscreants is trying to create chaos in Bengal,” she stated.