After TMC MP Satabdi Roy expressed her disenchantment with the party, she is likely to meet BJP’s second-in-command and Union Home Minister Amit Shah in New Delhi.

On Thursday, the actor-turned-politician, in a Facebook post, claimed that she was not being informed about party events in her constituency and this has caused “mental pain” to her.

The three-time Birbhum MP said she will inform the public at 2 pm on Saturday if she takes any “decision”.

Ever since the news of her travelling to the capital came out on Friday, speculations are building up that she might meet Shah and switch over to BJP, like many of her ex-party colleagues.

“I am an MP, I can meet anyone,” Roy was quoted as saying by India Today. Reportedly, she further claimed that there was “nothing unusual if I meet Amit Shah”.

According to a report by PTI, Roy is having differences with Birbhum district TMC chief Anubrata Mondal.

“I have a close connection with this constituency. But recently many people have been asking me why I am missing from several party programmes.

“I want to tell them that I want to attend all programmes. But I don’t get to know about many programmes and if I am not even informed about events in my constituency, then how can I attend. I was mentally pained because of this,” the post on Satabdi Roy Fans’ Club page read.

Roy said she has spent more time with the people of her constituency than her own family in the last 10 years and even her enemies can’t discredit her on this account.

“So, this year I am trying to take some decisions so that I can spend the entire time with you. I am grateful to you. You have been supporting me since 2009. Hope you will support me in the coming days too,” the post read.

“If I take any decision, will let you know on January 16, Saturday at 2 pm,” it added.

When contacted, Roy confirmed that the post was indeed made by her.

“I have tried to reach out to the leadership but it has been of no use. If I am not able to work for the masses then what is the use of continuing in the post,” she told reporters.

With PTI inputs