The timeless journey of Netaji’s iconic Wanderer Sedan

Netaji's audacious manoeuvre involved eluding British intelligence and evading police surveillance during his house arrest. Disguised as Mohammad Ziauddin, he slipped away in the rear seat of the 1937 Wanderer W24, making his escape on the nights of 16-17 January 1941.


This evening it was about honoring those who made it possible for the oldest English daily to host its most prized annual celebration of heritage, the Vintage Car Rally, which enters its 53rd year this year.

A Century Of Automotive Elegance

The car moves like any modern car, with Ananda on the steering wheel. It is one of the most attractive cars in The Statesman Vintage and Classic Car Rally and in all the old car shows that are held in Kolkata.

Maserati Boomerang turns 50

Maserati Boomerang - a mockup of which made a fleeting appearance at the 1971 Turin Motor Show: only one model was ever made, which would be presented at the Swiss show in 1972 as a registered vehicle that ran perfectly.