Shweta Kumari

Post festival detox: Myths and Reality post festive season

Detoxing becomes the buzzword for post-festival times. After gorging on endless food and sometimes overdoing it people alter it in the name of detoxing after the festivities. But hang on! do we really need to detoxify? READ ON TO KNOW THIS.

Vertical farming: How it is an upcoming business alternative

As per the United Nations report the global population is set to reach nearly ten billion marks by 2050 for which food production must increase by 70 percent. But due to erosion and today’s climate crisis, the world has already lost one-third of its cropland in the last 40 years, making the practice of traditional agriculture a challenge.

‘Delhi is still the Rape Capital’

She has been continuously working for the betterment of women for the past seven years. Maliwal, who was appointed as DCW chairperson by the AAP government, has been associated with the party since its India Against Corruption (IAC) phase.