Statesman News Service
Raiganj, 5 January
A section of students of Raiganj college and
some former students of this college organised a silent rally wearing a
black veil on the face in Raiganj town of North
Dinajpur district condemning the previous attack on the former Teacher-in-charge of the college Dr Dilip Dey Sarkar on 5
January 2012.
The students condemned this attack and  blamed the activities of TMCP members for this attack.
One Arindam Sinha, a student of Raiganj college, said: "On 5 January 2012, a section of TMCP members along with some outsiders attacked the then Teachers-in-charge of our Raiganj college.”
“The anti-socials dragged out the TIC from his chamber and beat up him severely,” he said.
“We condemned this attack. Hence, today a section of the running students, former students of the college and we organised a silent rally in protest against this attack,” Mr Saha further added.
The president of North Dinajpur TMCP committee, Mr Ajay Sarkar, said: "A section of CP members today organised this rally. But our TMCP members had no connection with this attack.”
“The election for the
formation of students’
union in Raiganj college is to be held on 21 January. As a part of the political propaganda, the CP members tried to campaign against
the TMCP through this rally,” he said.
“However, their mission will not be successful. This year, the TMCP will win in Raiganj college,” Mr Sarkar further said.