St Xavier’s to open its library to public next year

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    October 29, 2015 | 07:09 AM
St Xavier’s to open its library to public next year

St Xavier's College authorities have decided to open their library to the public in 2016.

At a programme, Vision 2020 of St Xavier's College, Father Felix Raj, principal of St Xaviers College, announced the decision to open the library to the public on its Park Street campus. The library has about 19,000 books, many of them rare books.

According to Raj, now students carry laptops, tabs and smart phones. They go to ‘google guru’ and not to the 'college gurus'.

Libraries are being used less and less these days. Notwithstanding a sharp decline in general users, the library will still be much sought after as an archive for researchers and students and the move to open it to the public would be helpful for them.

The college authorities have also decided to set up a management college in the first phase and an engineering college in the second phase on 17 acres of land at Rajarhat.

Meanwhile, the college authorities are yet to decide whether it would set up a separate university or transform the college into a university. According to Raj, the proposal is still pending with the state government. They have already declared that the university will have a minority status and it will be set up on public private partnership (PPP) model.

During the interactive session it was also stated that teaching methodology for the students will be changed and new techniques of teaching will be adopted and the infrastructure of the college will be overhauled.

The library has about 19,000 books