The latest round of the UN-led climate talks opened on Monday in the German city of Bonn with delegates from almost 200 countries in attendance.

Over the next two weeks, negotiators will try to clarify the rulebook of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, reports the BBC.

It is the first major meeting since US President Donald Trump announced plans to take Washing ton out of the Paris Pact.

Many delegates are unhappy with White House plans to promote fossil fuels here as a “solution” to climate change.

An adviser to the President is expected to take part in a pro-coal presentation in the second week of this conference, which is officially known as COP23.

Under the rules, the US cannot leave the agreement until 2020 so they have sent a team of negotiators to this meeting.

The talks will also focus on establishing rules and guidelines for the Paris pact. These need to be agreed by the end of 2018.

The talks are being chaired by Fiji, which is the first time a small island developing state has taken this role.

Around 20,000 delegates and visitors will attend the meeting over two weeks.