Sadhvi Prachi, the firebrand Hindu leader, wants Muslim women to marry Hindu men to escape the Islamic practices of triple talaq and nikah halala. She also wants the women to convert to the Hindu faith.

Speaking to the media in Mathura, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader said, “Muslim girls should marry Hindu boys in order to get rid of nikah halala and triple talaq, and lead a respectful life.”

“Maulvis who are issuing fake fatwas should be punished as they are spoiling the society,” the Sadhvi said.

The Sadhvi reportedly declared that she would meet Muslim women personally and request them to convert to Hinduism.

She also had a word of advice for Nida Khan, the Muslim woman against whom the Imam of Bareilly Jama Masjid issued a fatwa for openly criticising triple talaq.

Sadhvi Prachi said that she is ready to welcome Nida into Hinduism. “There are many Hindu boys who would be willing to marry her and give her a respectable life.”

On 30 July, Sadhvi Prachi had taken a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi saying that he should get married if his party fails to get a majority.

Agar unhe sarkar ke liye bahumat na mile, to Rahul Gandhi ko bahu mil jaaye (I pray that if they [the Congress] do not get a majority to form the government, he [Rahul] get a life partner),” she said criticising Gandhi’s decisions to lead the party.