After directing his Secretariat to step down, Nepal Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli will now be shuffling his Cabinet by the end of this week, according to leaders from the ruling Nepal Communist Party.

It is said that some NCP secretariat members have already submitted their resignations to help PM Oli form a team while others are going to step down within a week as agreed.

During a meeting with his secretariat members and aides, including his advisors held on Friday evening, it has been learnt that PM Oli asked all the members to resign from their positions before the third week of November or the end of Nepali Kartik month with the purpose of working with the new team from starting of coming to Mangsir.

The decision to form a new private secretariat is followed by the government’s latest decision to relieve all the provincial governors from their duties.

As many party leaders were idle, there was growing discontent within the party, which has led the two co-chairs to plan a major overhaul.

Oli and Dahal have agreed to either replace or shuffle at least eight sitting ministers. At least two chief ministers were also likely to be relieved.

It has been learnt that PM Oli was not satisfied with some of his aides tackling widespread criticism against the government for failing to deliver election promises.

However, the PM’s chief advisor Rimal and Rajan Bhattarai, who is the foreign affair advisor to Oli, were reported to be unaware of the PM’s latest decision when asked about the matter.