The #MeToo social media campaign had stormed the micro-blogging site Twitter last year with women from across the globe opening up about the sexual abuse they faced. The campaign is still going on strong alive as the people have been taking it forward at different levels.

A fashion show, which was inspired by the campaign, opened on Friday in New York. The models sported angel wings, who were handcuffed to men in pig masks.

According to a report in Reuters, the #MeToo fashion show included women from different walks of life. At first, the models walked down the runway with designer clothes and later they reappeared handcuffed to male models who were wearing pink pig masks.

The report further added that 22-year-old Cheyenne Jacobs walked the runway dressed in a floor-length black and white gown with leather trim and wings at her shoulders. The young woman told the audience that she is a survivor of sexual abuse.

“I would like to take this moment as a stand of my healing, how far I’ve grown and also to say that this is not only a movement, not just stories, but we’re real people who have gone through real things,” Reuters quoted her as saying.

The creative director of fashion website American Wardrobe Myriam Chalek talked about the #MeToo Fashion Show and told Reuters that, “I don’t think this fashion show is going to change things overnight, but if it can be a step further then I guess I’ve done my part. A woman who has been empowered is a woman who is unstoppable.”