Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is still waiting to be granted a British citizenship despite applying for it two years ago and being married to Prince Harry for 18 months, according to reports on Saturday.

“Meghan is not yet a British citizen,” a friend of the Duchess confirmed to The Daily Mail.

“It might seem extraordinary, given that she’s been married to the Queen’s grandson (Prince Harry) for 18 months, but she accepts that it’s a slow process,” the friend added.

The delay means that Markle won’t be able to vote in the December 12 general election.

Earlier this week, Meghan had “secretly” invited former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to visit her at Frogmore Cottage, her home in the UK.

This was the first ever meeting between Clinton and Markle.

Markle’s husband Prince Harry and their six-month-old son Archie were also present during the meeting and Clinton, even got to have a cuddle of the royal baby and told the Duchess about Chelsea Clinton’s new baby son, Jasper, her third grand-child.

Meghan wrote to Clinton when she was just 11 years old to demand her help in getting a “sexist” advertisement for dishwasher soap taken off the screens.

It is not clear whether she ever got a reply but the budding activist did successfully manage to get the voice over that “women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans” replaced with the more palatable “people”.

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate is currently on a publicity tour for “The Book of Gutsy Women”, co-authored with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

It is believed that the meeting might have been arranged with the help of the couple’s head of communications, Sara Latham, who worked for Hillary Clinton on her campaign.

(With inputs from IANS)