Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday hit back at the critics following a series of recent airstrikes across the Middle East.

Netanyahu also accused Iran of producing “terror attacks” and said Israel would defend itself “by any means necessary”, the BBC reported.

It comes after reports of strikes against Iranian targets and Iran-backed militias in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Netanyahu said in a video statement, “Iran is working on several fronts to carry out deadly attacks against the state of Israel. Israel will continue to defend its security by all means necessary”.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, paramilitary factions blamed Israel for strikes on Sunday against military sites and weapons depots.

Israel has not officially declared it was behind those strikes either, but Netanyahu has hinted at its involvement in a series of blasts over the last few weeks.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon – a member of Israel’s security cabinet – said on Monday: “There are things being attributed to us that aren’t ours”. However he would not go into detail.

Israel has put its military on high alert along its borders with Syria and Lebanon.