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China’s top legislature to continue exchanges with US

IANS | Beijing |

The National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, will continue exchanges with the US Congress this year to boost communication and understanding, a top official said on Saturday.

"There are a lot of exchanges between the NPC and the US Congress," NPC spokeswoman Fu Ying told a press conference a day ahead of the session.

Fu recalled her visit to the US late 2016 as an NPC delegation member, saying such exchanges are mutually beneficial and are conducted on an equal basis.

"We should deal with the trade deficit through expanding the trade volume," the spokesperson said, noting many US lawmakers were concerned about the issue.

Fu also stressed that adherence to the one-China principle is an important basis for the stable development of China-US relations.

The NPC's foreign exchanges serve China's overall diplomacy and are tasked with implementing the consensus reached by state leaders, Fu said, adding that the exchanges will help boost foreign lawmakers' understanding of China.

China's success of development path and its prosperity are assured by the Communist Party of China's leadership and the people's congress system, the spokesperson said.

Earlier this week, Chinese State Councillor Yang Jiechi visited the US, where he had a brief informal meeting with Trump after meeting with several senior officials at the White House, among them National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster.