China has completed construction of the first nuclear power project equipped with a new generation of reactors using Chinese-developed Hualong-1 technology, officials said on Friday.

The containment dome, weighing 340 tonnes with a diameter of 46.8 metres (154 feet), was installed on Thursday in the No.5 unit of the nuclear plant, located in the eastern Fujian province and owned by the China National Nuclear Corporation, thereby marking the start of the assembly phase, Efe news reported.

The plant's construction began in May 2015 and it is scheduled to be operational by mid-2020.

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang said he hoped the project would be completed within the stipulated time while ensuring quality and safety.

The success of the pilot project will contribute to the design and development of third-generation domestic reactors such as the Hualong-1 reactors, and increase the confidence of countries participating in the New Silk Route initiative to boost nuclear collaboration with China, according to CNNC Chairman Wang Shoujun.

Four projects using Hualong-1 reactors are currently under construction, including two in Karachi (Pakistan), while the CNCC has signed an agreement with Argentina to use the technology in a fifth nuclear plant in the South American country.