UK main opposition Labour party on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of plotting a “toxic” deal with President Donald Trump to allow US pharmaceutical companies access to the state health service.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn held up what he claimed were 451 pages of previously secret documents that proved Johnson was seeking to put the National Health Service (NHS) on the table in a post-Brexit trade deal.

The UK goes to the polls on December 12, with Johnson hoping to secure a majority to be able to push through his divorce deal to take the country out of the European Union.

The sale of the NHS was the government’s “secret agenda”, he added, warning that the coming election was “a fight for the survival of the National Health Service as a public service”.

Last week, Corbyn revealed for the first time that he will remain neutral in the second Brexit referendum that he has vowed to hold if h becomes prime minister next month.

The Brexit issue is threatening to hurt Labour in its traditional working-class heartlands, which mostly voted to leave the EU.

Johnson came under fire for alleged racism in his previous news articles and also for not releasing a report into Russian interference in the 2016 Brexit referendum, which he dismissed as “Bermuda Triangle stuff”.

Earlier in the month, Johnson had launched his Conservative Party’s campaign, who is facing an unprecedented candidate against him. A young Muslim immigrant Ali Milani who represents the Labour Party in Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituencies of northwest London.

Johnson is hopeful that the December 12 election will break the long impasse over Brexit and give his party a majority so he can extricate Britain from the European Union.

Trump is due to visit Britain next week for the NATO summit on December 3-4, when the issue is likely to resurface.

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