In total, there are 35.1 million people born outside of 28 EU countries living in EU.  Almost, 20.6 % of them are of Asian origin. The largest number of foreign-born residents are living in Germany (8.7 million), as per the latest data from Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics office.

People from Morocco and Turkish origin are the largest among the foreign-born population in Europe. While Turkish born people number 2.08 million, Moroccan origin people from the largest pool of foreign-born Europeans at 2.3 million.

Russians, Algerians and Ukrainians also have a substantial presence in the European Union countries. As per Eurostat, there are 1.8 million Russians currently living in the EU. People from Algeria and Ukraine number 1.5 and 1.1 million respectively.

People from Bosnia, Albania and Kazakhstan, while being shy of one million in number, stood at 0.95million, 0.9 million and 0.87 million respectively.

India has a long and historical relationship with different EU countries and over 1 million people from India have made the European Union their home.  Chinese and Pakistan born people living in the EU states outnumber those born in America. There are 0.82 million Chinese-born, 0.74 million Pakistani-born and 0.58 million American-born living in the EU region.

Europe remains a top destination for immigrants due to its economic opportunities, pluralistic approach and equality with the goal of ensuring an open, tolerant and equal society for all. Europe also provides added the advantage of free movement across member countries.