Many parts of the United States, especially on the northern side, are experiencing extreme cold conditions with the minimum temperatures breaking all records of low. The conditions are being attributed to the polar vortex, which is essentially a band of strong winds in the atmosphere around the North Pole. Higher than usual temperatures in the Arctic region have forced these bitterly cold winds to travel south, affecting the temperatures in the US and Canada. Many people are sharing their experience by posting polar vortex photos on social media. Some of these polar vortex videos will chill you to the bones.

While hospitals have reported hundreds of cold-related cases, the official polar vortex death toll has gone up to at least 21 at last count, according to reports. NASA Earth Observatory report, which quotes National Weather Service, says as many as 90 million Americans could experience temperatures at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18° Celsius).

Here are 10 most chilling polar vortex photos and videos

1. Frozen: Part II?

It’s scary in Chicago. The Chicago River surface is all frozen.

2. A perfect 10

They are not wet pants, they are frozen pants. In this video, a stiff pair of jeans makes a perfect landing after a couple of somersaults. Check it out.

In Minnesota, which is colder than Antarctica at the moment, residents are taking part in a ‘frozen pants’ challenge.

3. Hair raising experience

This woman found her hair breaking all laws of gravity. When it was minus 20 degrees in Iowa, Taylor Scallon’s wet hair froze, and stood up straight. She posted a video on Twitter.

4. Time for an iced coffee break?

Some people are finding humour in this photograph shared from the New York City.

5. And this happened too

Yes, you got it right, and its Minnesota again. This is a toilet tank, that froze and exploded.

6. Frozen spirits

This family found their vodka frozen. As Twitter user from Chicago, Kathleen Dieman, points out, the freezing point for vodka is minus 16 degrees.

7. Pole position

Believe it or not, this streetlight pole in Cadillac Michigan is shivering.

8. This bubble will not burst

Even bubbles are freezing. Yes, it’s that cold.

9. Some toilet humour this

Flushing out cold worries will take some time for sure.

10. Noooooooo

And US President Donald Trump wants “Global Waming” to “come back fast”.

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