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When is Mysore Dasara; India’s royal festival

Mysore Dasara celebrates a royal tradition that is over 400 years old. The royal family of Mysore, the Wadiyar family organize this festival every year for locals and tourists.

SNS | New Delhi |

The Mysore Dasara (or Dussehra) is a grand 10-day festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. According to Hindu mythology Goddess Chamundeshwari destroyed demon Mahishsasur, this is how the city acquired its name Mysuru (Mysore). Devotees of Goddess Chamundeshwari built a beautiful temple to honor her memory. The temple is also known as Krauncha Peetham, as the land on which it was built was called Krouncha Puri in the Vedic Era.

This year Mysore Dasara will begin on October 17 and end on October 27.

In Karnataka, Dasara is observed as a State festival, this means that the state government arranges music, dance, and folk dance performances. During this period the entire city is colorfully decorated with bright lights in every street corner. The royal family of Mysore organizes a special puja, the Palace is open for the public to visit and the golden royal throne is displayed for the public to see. Apart from musical performances and shopping, there is a lot more to see, a royal assembly, and the police marching band. The festival holds wrestling and sports competitions, meet and greet with poets and artists, and also organizes film and food festivals.

This festival is famous for promoting industrial and corporate businesses, as an exhibition is arranged by the Karnataka Exhibition Authority, at the  Doddakere Maidana.

People from all over the world visit Mysore to discover this carnival of lights and entertainment. This is a great time to take in the rich cultural heritage of India. Over Rs. 1 crore is spent every year for the maintenance of the light decoration alone.

The Mysore Dasara tradition might be 400 years old but is now completely modernized, the festival offers exciting hot air balloon rides, helicopter rides, and a 3D projection of the royal palace!