Tulsidas Jayanti will be celebrated on 27th July this year.

According to the traditional Hindu calendar, Tulsidas was born during the month of Shravana and Tulsidas Jayanti is honoured on the ‘Saptami’ of the Krishna Paksha which translates to the 7th day of the dark fortnight of the moon.

Tulsidas is famous for several pieces of work but he is best known for writing the epic Ramcharitmanas. The core of the Ramcharitmanas is considered to be a poetic re-telling of events of Ramayana which was originally written by Maharishi Valmiki in Sanskrit.

Tulsidas was hailed as the reincarnation of Maharishi Valmiki. Tulsidas rewrote the story of the Ramayana in Awadhi, which is a dialect of Hindi.

Tulsidas’s version of the Ramayana was vastly popularised amongst the masses and eventually, the Ramayana became a significant component of India’s popular culture.

Many believe that he also composed the Hanuman Chalisa (a religious hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman).

The day of Tulsidas Jayanti is of very high religious significance in Hinduism and celebrates the unique contribution of Goswami Tulsidas.

On this day along with Tulsidas, we also honour the workmanship of all artists.

Ramayana is one of the epics which holds a huge religious significance. This is evident from the fact that today the Ramayana television series itself holds the highest viewership record worldwide with 52 million views in total.