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Be wonderfully lost

Asanna | New Delhi |

"Put down the map and get wonderfully lost…"

The mellow evening sun sets its magical hues upon the cool simmering sea water. Seagulls flying high… there's hardly a soul on the beach now. The sound of the summer breeze and rushing waves against the sandy shore fills the quiet against the soft moonshine. From atop the cliff, the view is breathtakingly beautiful. And, the road ahead winds into the inner realm of the wild and free.

You have it all set. Soon, you will be there. You are busy packing your bags and cramping up your mind with all the last-minute things to do before you finally set out. You sure don't want to make any silly mistakes.

Yes, you have heard it too often. The top mistakes. The dos and don'ts of travelling. The best travel guidelines and rules. All that… plan in advance. Carry a map. Book a stay in advance. Read about the place before you set out to travel and avoid the mistakes and have a perfect holiday.

Well, take it easy. Take a deep breath. Chuck the map. Crush the dos and don'ts. How about, no rules?

Have the courage. Take the leap. Be fearless. Travel differently this time. Or, do nothing.

Stop reading. Ease your mind. Trash the travelling rules. Let peace be your journey.

Spike the list. Plan nothing in advance. Just carry an empty mind to bring back new memories. Remember, a road trip is all you need.

Put on your shoes. Tighten your belt. Steer your travelling wheel and hit the road.

Don't hold back. You have nothing to lose. Go completely footloose.

Set free the wanderlust in you. The thrill is on. Go happy free wheeling.

And, get wonderfully lost in the wild, in the wilderness, in the crowd.

Soak up the beauty of the new. Eat, pray, play, laugh, dance, sing and sleep. Live a true story along the way.

Don't think twice. Take the untrodden road. Be a true footloose traveller. Travel through the unknown.

Listen to your heart and go where the river runs through. For all you know, you may find a more enchanting destination.

Don't forget to pick some wild berries and flowers on the way. And, fill your life with new colours and the wonder of being wonderfully lost.

Do not arrive yet. The road is made for the journey. Keep on travelling. If there's a heaven, there could be a heaven on earth! You may find it!