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Travel bug can be dangerous!

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi |

You have been planning to take this trip for a long time. Finally, you are on your dream journey. You are flying high… the sky is white as the mountains of huge cloud roll along. Soon, you will hit your holiday destination. But something seems not quite right. What could go wrong? You have everything set out… The best place to stay, places to see, the right clothing, right shoes, all the knick-knacks…

As fragile as life is, no one knows what will happen. Anything can happen and even the most neatly planned trip can go horribly wrong. And, while travelling can be fun and much needed, it can also be quite harmful to your body. Know the downside and take care to have a truly pleasurable travel experience.

Phi-Phi Island in Thailand (Getty Images)

Addiction: As you travel frequently and as you begin to enjoy travelling, it can become an addiction. Well, no matter how good it is to travel around the world and see places, any addiction becomes a harmful vice. The addiction can push your body to go beyond limits and turn your travel experience a painful experience. The dare devil in you can dare you to venture into the hidden or the unbeatable and make you take on challenges, which may harm you physically, mentally and emotionally. Instead of an enriching experience, the travel can turn out to be a beautiful disaster. Don’t let addiction kill the thrill and joy of travelling.

Dangerous turns: Travelling to the road less travelled, interior rural places or mountainous region where the roads are unpaved and bumpy can hurt you physically, more so if you are suffering from some physical ailments. The horrendously bumpy ride, the twist and turn on the long and winding road can be damaging for some.

Nagin Lake in Kashmir
Beautiful Nagin Lake in Kashmir. A shikara – a shop sailing gently (Getty Images)

Long travel hours: Long travel hours can completely exhaust your body and stress you out not only physically but also mentally. Instead of a rejuvenated travel, you may come back totally exhausted and broken. So, choose your destination well. And check your health condition before travelling.

Travel sickness: Some suffer from travel phobia that causes a condition of physical sickness while travelling. And some suffer from sea sickness. If you are prone to falling sick while travelling, take care to take medication for it while travelling. The failure to take proper medication can make you critically sick and may suffer from long-term consequences of a bad experience.

The Andamans (Getty Images)

Food allergy: Foodie trails are fun, but trying out food from different cultures and cuisines can be quite damaging sometimes. If you are prone to food allergy, you need to be careful. Food allergy can dampen your trip.

Bug bites: When the travel bug takes you to forested areas and lesser developed places, bug bites, viruses and mosquito bites can land you in trouble. Take precaution and carry insect repellents and other medication. Take care not to fall prey to fatal viral diseases.

The next time the travel bug bites you, be prepared. Take your health into consideration to truly experience the pleasure of travelling.