"I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth the while

So, what's your dream destination or your travel dream? What's in your "things to do" this summer holiday? Have you booked a luxury stay or an exotic getaway? The best of 'dine and wine' or many adventurous activities may be churning in your mind. How about traveling a happiness dream or living your dream as you travel. This travel, do your bit for a greener earth and a happier world. Here are a few things you can do the next time you hit a travel destination.

Green the earth: Yes, touch the warm soil. Plant trees. Get some plant saplings or some seeds of your favourite flowers and fruits. Sow the seeds or plant the trees in a safe spot where you could come and visit again, or plant trees along the way. By doing this, you leave a good part of you, which fruits would help the people living in the place. One lemon or orange tree can bear hundreds of lemon or oranges.

Bring home some flowers: Bring home some red and greens. Buy exotic flower plants or tree saplings or seeds that you could take back and grow them in your garden or home. Let them bloom and bear fruits. They will stand to tell stories of your dreams and experience. It will give you a new life.

Walk a mile: Walk and trek a mile or as far as you can while travelling around. Run a trail. Avoid vehicles if you can. Try to travel by eco-friendly vehicles. Cycle around and enjoy the thrill of cycling in fresh air. Walk into the deep and let its freshness cool your heart, mind and soul.

Travel clean: Don't go spilling or littering around. Don't leave behind empty juice cans, or bottles. Collect the waste and throw them away in a proper place.  

Spread the word: Observe the place, the people and their lives. See what little you could offer to them in terms of physical help. Hold a green class for the locals if you can and time is at hand. Educate the villagers and encourage them to plant more trees. Conduct workshops on reading, writing, games, music, or on whatever you could. Teach them well and you will always live in their hearts even long after you are gone from the place. 

Give and share: Check out the community groups or NGOs in the vicinity of your stay, where you can work as a volunteer for a day or two and help the poor. Visit an old age home, the orphanage, or the hospitals. Make a difference. Bring a smile to someone, touch a life and go back richer than since you came.

Do what you can when you travel. Bring out the best in you and make the world a better place. Give and share, and have an enriching travel experience that you and the world will cherish. Don't just jet set around, travel a dream and leave your wonerful footprints behind.