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Roman ruins: A taste of Arabian sights

SNS | New Delhi |

If you are heading to Western Asia and dreaming of time travel in beautiful Roman ruins, take a trip down to the many historical and archaeological sites in Jordan, which is a major tourist destination, and enjoy the taste of Arabian sights.

(Getty Images)


Petra: It is one of the world’s most incredible archaeological sites, and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Petra’s most imposing and impressive monument is Ad Deir (the Monastery).


Roman temple, Hercules
Roman Temple of Hercules on the Amman Citadel in Jordan (Getty Images)


Amman: Here you feel the beating pulse of Arabia. There are lots of Roman ruins, the highlights being the large Roman amphitheatre and the Nymphaeum. The Citadel is home to the Roman Temple of Hercules and the large stone Ummayad Palace. Other places of interest are Balad and Abdali.


The Nymphaeum
The Nymphaeum in the Roman ancient city of Jerash (Getty Images)


Jerash: This has an incredible collection of Greco-Roman ruins: Landmarks like Hadrian’s Arch, dating back to the second century, and the Hippodrome, the smallest Roman hippodrome ever built. Also visit the Archaeological Museum.


View through a rock arch in the desert of Wadi Rum (Getty Images)


Wadi Rum: Many of the major attractions in Wadi Rum are natural landmarks and rock formations as well as unique colors of sand or rock. Reddish-orange colours lend the area an otherworldly quality that has inspired sci-fi films. Lawrence of Arabia spent time here.


Driving through the sand of Wadi Rum reservation (Getty Images)


Other interesting places are Dead Sea, Aqaba (Jordan’s gateway to the Red Sea), Al-Karak (for castles), Mujib Nature Reserve (lowest nature reserve on the globe), Dana Nature Reserve, Madaba, Ajloun (a castle), Shobak and Al-Maghtas.