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Into the green, yonder Bengaluru

Mehak Chauhan | New Delhi |

Friday night is the night when you don’t set an alarm for the next morning. The thought of unlimited sleeping hours is so relaxing that the stress melts away with this thought but sometimes not even sleep can fix the damage a hectic routine does to the mind and body.

A little escape from the chaotic schedule, a small getaway for a couple of days into a different world can be a great remedy and works like a therapy for the mind and body. Weekend is here and weather is pleasant. So why not utilise it and take a trip leaving behind all the worries.

Pleasant weather, cool breeze and energetic ambience, the city of gardens Bengaluru has been eventually conquered by the concrete jungle and has now turned into the silicon valley of India.

With so many brilliant brains working day and night in the IT industry, a weekend getaway becomes a must. Here are some selected getaway destinations near Bengaluru to reboot your system for the next working week.


Rich history, gigantic forts and beautiful gardens, Mysore makes it a perfect weekend getaway destination. It is 151 km away from Bengaluru.


Also called Chikkamagaluru is 242 km away from Bengaluru. It is the place where India’s coffee plantation debut took place. For all the coffee enthusiasts this place is a good choice for trekking and camping.


The Scottish paradise of India, Coorg is nature-lovers magnet. About 243 km away from the Silicon Valley, this lush green escape is a little world that offers perfect amount of seclusion and leisure.


Botanical gardens, picturesque mountains, high attitudes and cold weather, Ooty is a hill station with fog and clouds making the site milky and dreamy. About 275 km away from Bengaluru, it makes it for an amazing road trip on serpentine roads.


At a distance of 281 km from Bengaluru, Wayanad is a perfect destination for cave exploration, trekking and wildlife enthusiasts.

If you are wondering how to escape the hazardous situation in the city due to the Bellandur lake fire, one of these places can be your saviour. And if you are a traveller and an explorer then these are the places which have so much to offer that can sooth the wanderlust in you.