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Hear the wind blow in the Lowlands

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi | Updated :

Down in the valley, valley so low… Hang your head over and hear the wind blow

The lowlands so green, now a little mellow, looks as inviting and enchanting as it was in springtime. The cool breeze sweeps through the tall grass as you walk the long road and trek the vast expanse of the countryside where the sunlight and the shadows play as the wind blows.

Not a soul in sight. The sun here is soft and barely touches the skin. It’s rather quiet down here. No wonder, the little blue boy fell asleep upon the grass under the lilac tree on the slope of the meadow. But, yes, you can hear the wind blow down by the beach in Lowlands.

If you wish to hear the wind blow and if your heart is in the lowlands, you must travel to the countryside where life is eternally blissful and beautiful.

And here in beautiful Lowlands Beach amidst rocky climbs, with no soul in sight, it’s just you and the wind and nature. You can spend the whole day here basking in the soft sun and listening to the wind blow across the sea and the sea waves crash against the shore.

Situated in Southwest coast of Western Australia, this beautiful spot is about 20 km southeast of Denmark. It’s a small pretty paradise on earth. It’s clean, calm and peaceful here with hardly any tourist around. It may not have been touted as a tourist destination, but it’s a real pretty beach.

It’s a great place to venture out on your own, swim and surf or just be by yourself, far away from the madding crowd. And not too far away, are cosy restaurants and eateries. So when you feel hungry, you can simply head out for a sumptuous lunch or dinner and call it a day.

But before a day by the sea, the walk to the enchanting gardens in Lowlands ups your spirit for a bright and beautiful day. So if you are in the area, you know where the long road can lead you to.