A remote place in Uttarakhand continues to remain in media glare for a ‘haunted house’. The interest of TV news and documentary filmmakers have made Abbott Mount, at Lohaghat in Champawat district, famous. Many term the house among the top ten unsolved mysteries. Now, social media has come in for aid of the ghost mansion and is helping people to fight the fear factor.

These days a big number of tourists visit Abbott Mount – that is home to over a dozen families. A sports field on the top of the village provides panoramic view of the Himalayas. But, among all the Abbott Mount is known for the mansion. Local resident Salim Javed says, “A hospital by Doctor Morris used to operate from the building in the past. My father, who passed away in 1985, used to tell us stories about the glory of the hospital. It was considered one of the biggest hospitals in entire Lohaghat area.”

It is believed that the Morris Hospital was established in early 1900s. The place has all the ingredients — a haunted hospital, a neglected church and a graveyard — to create curiosity. Villagers tell the tourists about the supernatural forces operating during the night. The ghost stories used to keep people away from the mansion! But, off late, tourists have started invading the spookiest place. Earlier, they used to watch the hospital from a distance, but now visitors enter the premises to make videos and take photographs.

The social media publicity has turned Abbott Mount a popular tourist destination with a large number of youth visiting the place on weekends. It has also helped the place break the fear barrier. Local resident Girish Kunwar says, “Big curiosity prevails among tourists about the building. With tourists posting videos and photographs on the social media, it has become famous.”

More than the hospital, Dr Morris became famous for conducting experiments on his patients suffering from fatal diseases. The Doctor from Abbott Mount established a special ward called ‘Mukti Kothri’ where he used to shift his seriously ill patients. Many say that Morris used to predict even the death of patients. There are many stories about the doctor and hospital of Abbott Mount.

English men John Harold Abbott established the hill station in the British era. He wanted a retreat from the tiresome life of the plains. Though this was established during the early part of the 20th century, but it has succeeded in keeping its identity till now. Abbott Mount is a hot spot among picnickers. Now even the Kumoan Mandal Vikas Nigam, a unit of Uttarakhand government, has recognised the tourism potential of the area and has established a guest house there. The guest house is likely to become operational soon.


A tourist peeking through the broken window of mysterious hospital at Abbott Mount, near Lohaghat in district Champawat. (Photo: SNS Web)


A portion of the mysterious hospital at Abbott Mount, near Lohaghat in district Champawat. (Photo: SNS Web)