Zuckerberg’s Meta got sued for trademark violation

The company has alleged that Mark Zuckerberg’s owned Facebok name change violated its established brand.

Zuckerberg’s Meta got sued for trademark violation

Received 55,497 requests for user data from Indian government: Meta (File Photo)

Mark Zuckerberg-owned Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is facing a lawsuit for trademark violation. A 2010 founded, small business operating in the immersive and experiential technology industry has the same name Meta.

The company has alleged that Mark Zuckerberg’s owned Facebok name change violated its established brand. The rebranding of Facebook was done last year in October.

The installation art company said that for 12 years, it has served the same creators and consumers that Facebook is now targeting. The company has already powered the types of experiences and products that Facebook is now building.


Facebook has unlawfully copied its mark and name and willfully violating its trademark rights and engaging in egregious acts of unfair competition, META’s lawsuit alleged.

“On October 28, 2021, Facebook seized our META mark and name, which we put our blood, sweat, and tears into building for over twelve years,” the company said in a post late on Tuesday.

“Today, after eight months of trying to negotiate with Facebook in good faith to no avail, we were left with no choice but to file a lawsuit against them.”

“This case is about ensuring the collective protection of rights to our work, innovation, and intellectual property, which we have devoted our lives to building” as we evolve towards a more equitable digital and social future,” said the original Meta.

“META has spent 12 years supporting, developing, and protecting the creator community, creators’ rights, and ironically, creators’ intellectual property,” said Justin Bolognino, META’s Founder & CEO.

“Facebook’s actions, illegally usurping our name and mark, have not only put our business in jeopardy, but that of the entire industry and the intellectual property rights of the innovators that have helped build it,” he alleged.

Meta (formerly Facebook) has not made any official comment against the allegation and lawsuit yet.

“As a result of Facebook’s actions, consumers are likely to mistakenly believe that Meta’s products and services emanate from Facebook or that META is affiliated with Facebook. The Meta mark is now infected by the toxicity that is inextricably linked with Facebook,” said the company.

Bolognino said that Facebook acts as if it can freely destroy the communities Meta has helped develop, overrun the industry, and obliterate its business.

“But today, Meta is taking a stand against Facebook’s flagrant and unlawful conduct,” he said. Zuckerberg’s Meta is worth over $450 billion.

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