Now operate dustbin through mobile phone

‘Sadhuuta’, the smart dustbin prepared by the students of IIT Mandi (Photo: SNS)

Tired of looking for dustbin to dispose-of waste? Well your search would soon be over with ‘Sadhuuta’, a mobile-operated dustbin, which would be available at your service by pressing a button on your mobile phone.

The smart garbage bin has been designed by five students of IIT Mandi and would be available for disposing-of garbage. The four-wheeler smart garbage bin functions through GPS and it can be operated through mobile app once the location of designated is feeded in its software.

“The ‘Sadhuuta’ functions via electric motor and it utilises artificial intelligence and GPS to move from one location to another. In addition, it can be easily used in a building or a colony to collect garbage for separate households or rooms,” Arpan Gupta, programme coordinator at IIT Mandi, told The Statesman.


Gupta said that the smart dustbin has been invented by Utkrist, Akash, Dhruv, Sumit and Aadit under the guidance of Kailash Srivastav and Rajesh Ghosh. The smart dustbin would not only end your search for place to dump the garbage but it would also help in segregation of waste material thrown in it that can help in better garbage management.

The dustbin has been fitted with camera which would segregate plastic, organic and paper waste material and it would be separately stored in one of three chamber, earmarked for it.

“In addition, the dustbin would stop collecting waste material once it’s full to the capacity,” he added. The invention could result in curbing garbage dumping in open areas and in households.

Although the smart dustbin has been prepared for small-scale use initially, the same can be used for garbage collection by civic agencies in areas where daily waste collection is not possible. The dustbin could be used in such areas to collect garbage by using the mobile app and it can automatically dump the waste at designated place. The smart dustbin would then be again available for garbage collection.