Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO is all set to address the gamers’ requirements, both hardware and software aspects, with its ColorOS 7.

“Mobile gaming is an integral part of the market which is why our Hyderabad-based R&D team is committed to further adapting ColorOS 7, focusing on audiovisual and gaming features designed specifically for the country’s growing mobile gaming fan base,” Martin Liu, Senior Strategy Manager of OPPO ColorOS, said in a statement.

Liu further added, “the recent live streaming event highlighted some of the supreme gaming optimization embedded in ColorOS. This includes multitasking features and different modes that make gaming remarkably effortless, ideal for today’s interconnected gamers in India and around the world.”

The company is aiming to solve problems like unresponsiveness, lagging and dropped frame rate on ColorOS 7.

OPPO claims that the ColorOS 7 reallocates system resources in advance and allow the game to run smoothly, even in the most demanding of loading scenarios such as team battles or driving cars. This smart technology increases the FPS (Frames Per Second) stability by 38 per cent in certain popular games.

The company further added that it has made several modifications for some popular games, delivering 63 per cent better touch sensitivity.

(With input from agencies)