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Cloud and Internet Technologies keeping technical conferences and events running during pandemic

This has opened a plethora of opportunities for cloud to take the lead in the new and informed world order.

SNS | New Delhi |

Amid the global pandemic, cloud and internet technologies are keeping our world running. A recent survey by EEMA (Events and Entertainment Management Association) suggests that the Indian events and exhibition sector is expected to take an INR 1 Tn hit as almost all big scale events across categories have been postponed or cancelled because of the outbreak.

But the never-dying spirit of startup innovation in India is helping the industry to survive with cloud-based technologies making Virtual Events the next big success. Technology events and conferences worldwide require novel approaches as they are highly-complex tasks. The recent transition from offline to online has made it even more challenging.

With social distancing, “Virtual” has become the ‘next normal’ and “learn, network, grow” has become the ‘new mantra to survive’. Tech and all other sectors are working remotely and using online services. This has opened a plethora of opportunities for cloud to take the lead in the new and informed world order.

With this, the demand for skilled professionals in cloud and related technologies like AI & ML services, DevOps, and containers (esp. Kubernetes) is dramatically increasing.

KonfHub, a unique platform for discovering and hosting high-quality technical events (mainly conferences) is organizing a big-bang virtual Cloud Community Days conference scheduled for 17 June to 19 June 2020. This three-day virtual, developer-focused, single-track conference on modern cloud technologies is sponsored by Microsoft and will focus on Containers/Kubernetes, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, DevOps, Serverless, and more.

This conference aims at up-skilling IT, software and technology professionals on cloud and other modern technologies so as to create new growth, learning and networking avenues in the post-COVID-19 world.

With free entry for participants, the conference endeavours to democratize the world of online services for developers.