Veganism is the new ‘in thing”

By being vegan you discover that you no longer need to rely on meat for proteins. Plant based food has a wide variety of options that fulfill the body’s need for proteins.

International Meatless Day: Plant based meal ideal for holistic wellness

Deepti Khatuja, head clinical nutritionist, Fortis Memorial Research Institute says, “Scientific research has shown there is the benefit of going meatless and vegan. The common thing is people saying they are not able to meet protein diet with a vegetarian diet. But this is not correct. Low fat milk products and legume nuts soya products (soya milk and tofu) can replace curd and paneer and help us take care of protein content as well.”

Going vegan

All over the world there are thousands of shops offering non leather shoes, boots, bags, belts wallets accessories. Food goodies…