Veganism is the new ‘in thing”

By being vegan you discover that you no longer need to rely on meat for proteins. Plant based food has a wide variety of options that fulfill the body’s need for proteins.

Veganism is the new ‘in thing”

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Being vegan is considered cool because in recent times many people have adopted this lifestyle. It is trendy and it is being widely followed across the world. Many celebrities including film stars, politicians and athletes around the world have openly claimed to be vegan. Not only this, they have also endorsed the various health benefits associated with adopting the vegan lifestyle. 

According the research based article, The effects of plant-based diets on the body and the brain: a systematic review 2019, “We found robust evidence for short- to moderate-term beneficial effects of plant-based diets versus conventional diets (duration ≤ 24 months) on weight status, energy metabolism and systemic inflammation in healthy participants, obese and type-2 diabetes patients. “

After becoming Vegan, people have experienced a great boost in their work-ability, their body functioning has completely changed and they are able to extract the maximum out of themselves. In other words, people have experienced something that they had never had earlier. 


But it cannot be restricted to be a “trend” or a “fad”. This is because adopting veganism involves a great deal of commitment. It requires giving up a complete family of certain foods. 

We highlight the benefits of adopting the vegan lifestyle and how it makes you cool:

Benefits of a plant based diet

When you move to a plant based diet, your body responds greatly to it. Plant-based diet is digested within the first few hours of eating it, way faster than meat-based food. You feel lighter and quicker after a few days and in no time, you start loving this behavior of your body. The biggest catch: you lose weight! 

The famous excuse of ‘drawing protein”

Most people, who consume meat, often justify it by highlighting the “protein quotient”. By being vegan you discover that you no longer need to rely on meat for proteins. Plant based food has a wide variety of options that fulfill the body’s need for proteins. No more killing-sprees!

You can kiss “heart problems”goodbye!

A healthy heart promotes several bodily functions and its health decides how the overall body performs. Veganism is very good for the heart. It doesn’t contribute to the body’s cholesterol levels and it promotes a healthier heart. It’s not a secret that a healthy heart keeps many other ailments at bay. 

Your environment footprint improves

When you become a vegan, you no longer contribute to the massive animal slaughter. Animal suffering is not only restricted to the slaughterhouses and poultry farms, dairy farms also contribute to it. Animals are widely abused for milk and milk products. When you are no longer contributing to the demand of such products, you are no longer a contributor to animal suffering. It removes a great burden and you feel psychologically at peace and you are leaving a positive environment footprint.

Here are some other health benefits drawn from being a vegan:

  • Your fiber intake improves, resulting in a healthier gut
  • Your overall calorie intake per day is managed, as you no longer take milk products like butter, cheese and cream
  • You shift towards fresh food and no longer depend on processed food
  • By not having processed food, you are no longer taking in harmful chemicals and preservatives
  • Your chances to avoid cancer especially colon cancer increase manifold