Tax reforms

Australia, like much of the world, finds itself navigating turbulent economic waters. In a bid to ease the financial strain on citizens, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced a bold move to reshape tax cuts, a decision that has sparked both support and controversy.

Well-being and Wetlands

An earlier e-mail with an attachment from an American friend popped up suddenly. His water and sewerage bill would cost him $900 a year after a discount from January 2024, up from about $676 just six months ago, a neat Rs 20,000 jump in Indian terms. He would have to pay about Rs 75,000, up from around Rs 55,000.

Tax woes

In the world of taxation, ambiguity often gives rise to disputes that can have far-reaching consequences.

Cash, no Cash

Many methods have been tried for elimination of black money; we had several rounds of demonetisation, several voluntary disclosure schemes, some schemes to regularise undisclosed foreign assets, and so on. The only commonality between all such measures was their failure to prevent generation of black money. Strategically declaring their black money, tax evaders took full advantage of the frequently announced Government schemes. However, not many of the tax evaders discontinued their tax evading ways, so, after a few years, things came back to square one