India reaches out to Taliban in Afghanistan

The Ministry of External Affairs on Friday confirmed that an Indian delegation, led by Mr J P Singh, Joint Secretary (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran Division) in the ministry, is on a visit to Afghanistan.

Resilience, redemption and the Afghan ordeal

The Taliban’s imposition of strict measures in Afghanistan, particularly concerning women’s rights and media freedoms, underscores a contentious backdrop against the centuries-old global struggle of women for equal rights.

Afghan repatriation will raise tensions

The deportation order has brought to the fore the recurring debate in the South Asian region regarding illegal/undocumented migrants and refugees, as states have not ratified the International Conven- tion of Refugees.

Taliban’s view on women’s education is un-Islamic

Taliban forces recently stopped around 100 Afghan girls from going abroad to pursue their higher education at the University of Dubai. Since the takeover in 2021, the Taliban regime has banned or restricted education for girls beyond class six in Afghanistan.

Targeting music

Perhaps the most ironical aspect of reports emerging from Afghanistan that the Taliban made a bonfire of musical instruments in their attempt to stamp out an activity they consider unIslamic is that they coincide with the 43rd death anniversary of a man considered by many as the greatest male singer to have emerged from South Asia. Mohammed Rafi was a lower-caste Muslim, a simple and unlettered man, but second to none in his piety.

Pakistan’s woes

Indians will not fail to miss the irony inherent in the message delivered over the weekend by Pakistan’s defence minister Khwaja Asif to the Taliban regime that rules Afghanistan.