Massive protests in Ladakh for statehood

Protestors raised slogans in support of their 4-point charter of demands, statehood for the UT, Constitutional safeguards under the Sixth Schedule for Ladakh, guarantees for job reservation for locals and separate Lok Sabha seats for the two districts.

Panthers Party president slams BJP

Is there anything for a political party to celebrate when the people are mourning the targeted killings going on unabated, especially after the BJP’s ascendance to power," questioned Singh while addressing public meetings in Udhampur district.

Statehood woes

Local bodies in public perception are cesspools of corruption; councilors and executives in a cosy relationship to share the pie.

US House passes bill granting Washington, DC statehood

The Democrats, thanks to whose majority in the House the bill was passed in the lower chamber last year, have framed the long unresolved and controversial issue from the perspective of equal representation and voting rights, arguing that the status of "taxation without representation" for the total of over 700,000 Washingtonians should end.