South Asia

Magis 2024 award to Father Felix Raj

Father John Felix Raj, S.J, vice-chancellor of St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata (SXUK) was honoured with the JHEASA Magis 2024 award on Saturday at St. Xavier’s College at the National Jesuit Higher Education conference.

Season of elections in South Asia

Transition in all the countries every five years through an electoral process now appears to be entrenched even though the election process has remained flawed in some countries where the opposition has questioned the integrity of the electoral process.

China’s outreach to South Asia

Even during this visit, Nepal urged the Chinese side to remove such non-tariff barriers at these two key customs points. Among other outstanding issues, the suspected border encroachment by China in the remote western district of Humla was raised by the Nepali side.

South Asia sits on a powder keg

"The return of the Taliban in Kabul has intensified the sectarian and communal strife in South Asia. The United States had entered Afghanistan to uproot the Taliban and eliminate Al-Qaeda. Both these objectives remained unfulfilled when they withdrew"

The Kabul chaos and south Asia

It’s unlikely that complex emotions crossed the minds of the largely uneducated Taliban fighters who killed singer Fawad Andarabi in cold blood, but hardcore Islamists condemn music and fine arts