Short Story

Mr Mirza s ordeal

Nowadays, Sohorab drinks his flavoured Darjeeling tea while sitting on his cozy arm-chair in the balcony.

Short story – Suicide

Fula had no words to defend herself. She was shattered into pieces. There was a spontaneous flow of tears from her eyes —they reached her nostrils, lips and chin. She thought that life saves the cruellest for the poor.

Short Story: Labyrinth

Labyrinth. It confines us in a maze.  It eludes us at every step. It holds surprises at every corner. It is probably the most spectacular metaphor for life itself. But metaphors can be dangerous. Metaphors are not to be trifled with.

Short story: Human touch

College lecturer Himani is about to get down when a bus hits her stationary car. She is safe but finds herself in a nasty situation. Read short story Human touch to know what happens next


The imminent demolition was closing in on the small colony Ashray like a dark storm approaching at a steady pace.…


The stench of stale air overwhelmed me as soon as I stepped into the ICU unit of the hospital. Cabin…

Wedding season

The first call reached her when she was packing her big-shopper and silently weeping for the shonajhuri trees. Daronda was…


The highway ahead looked almost liquid under the midday sun. The trees in the sparse grove on our right were…