Improved China-India ties would help both nations

There are few examples as of India and China of neighbouring countries that stand to benefit from good relations, yet being unable to do so. While any long-term hostility invariably involves misunderstandings and mistakes on both sides –and this must be true about this hostility too - any unbiased evaluation is likely to reveal that excessive aggressiveness and betrayal of strong initial trust on the part of China has been more responsible for the hostility that has characterised IndiaChina relations for the greater part of the last seven decades.

Peaceful resolution of Indo-Pak issues indispensable: Sharif

Taking to Twitter, Sharif wrote; ''Thank you Premier Narendra Modi for felicitations. Pakistan desires peaceful & cooperative ties with India. Peaceful settlement of outstanding disputes, including Jammu & Kashmir, is indispensable. Pakistan's sacrifices in fighting terrorism are well-known. Let's secure peace and..''