Massive rally held in Manipur to demand NRC in state

Various civil society organizations, particularly student bodies, have been demanding the implementation of NRC in the state in the backdrop of an unchecked surge in the population of illegal immigrants in the state.

Singer and the Song

Sung in Pakistan during the heyday of General Zia-ul-Haq's dictatorship, Hum Dekhenge has now become a controversial issue in India, after it became the anthem of protest during the countrywide agitation against the CAA and NRC. On 17 December, it was sung by the students of IIT Kanpur during a peaceful march within the campus.

Bengal to adopt resolution against CAA, says Mamata

Talking to the media on her way to north Bengal Banerjee described the NPR exercise as “a dangerous game”, since the form, which seeks birth details and residential proof of parents, was intended to be “a precursor of NRC implementation”.