National Capital Region

Slight respite from heat wave for next few days

The India Meteorological Department's (IMD) forecast came on Saturday following fairly widespread rainfall over Delhi, the National Capital Region (NCR), Punjab, and Haryana due to a Western disturbance on Friday.

Clean Air Law

At the same time, by subsuming in a sense the powers of state governments and pollution control boards, it has accepted a substantial political risk, for it will no longer be possible to blame the problem on recalcitrant states, a common occurrence in recent years when governments in the territories in question have been led by different political parties.

Slow start

While the Finance Minister had provided Rs 4,400 crore for fighting air pollution in the last Budget, the leadership role the Union government was expected to play has not been in evidence. Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi are ruled by three different and often antagonistic political parties.

Goodbye, NCR

As the Act made clear, the overarching objective was to create homogenous urban settlements and plan transport and communications.