Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Centre makes Govt training mandatory for private consultant engineers

There will be 30 types of training programmes, but it will be mandatory to take training on three subjects every two years. The first 15 days road safety audit certificate is CARS. The second includes 16 days of quality control-material testing and the third three-day training program on falling bridge-tunnels, etc.

Union Government imports 20 cryogenic tankers of 10 MT and 20 MT capacity, allocates them to States

The mapping of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) from the manufacturing plant to different States is a dynamic process and transportation of medical oxygen through cryogenic tankers becoming a bottleneck in making available LMO from the eastern part of the country to other parts, twenty cryogenic ISO containers of capacity 20 MT and 10 MT have been imported to augment the transportation of Oxygen.